New iPhone Game Mr.Jelly

New iPhone Game Mr.Jelly
Featured on Apple's "What's Hot"
Funny and easy control, it suit for casual play, including Kids.
Nice gameplay on iPhone or iPod touch.
Only $0.99, worth for every penny.  Download Now.

Think about yourself as a creature without arm and leg, the only thing can move yourself is your jelly-like body and ... your mouth, to bite anything in the beautiful universe to stay. If you could do that, call yourself Mr. Jelly.

As a green alien, you have to bounce and land on his tiny inhabitations just because of a mysterious metal box, which forces Mr. Jelly to jump over and over again to look for safe inhabitations……

The game is unique, funny, suitable for anyone, especially for kids.

Just finger touch the screen to elongate Mr. Jelly. Withdraw your finger, Mr. Jelly will bounce out. Mr. Jelly must land on his inhabitations squarely, otherwise the game will be over. Help him to reach his destination safely. It needs foresight and accurate anticipation of the place where Mr. Jelly will land while averting various dangerous items. You will be thrilled from time to time, for an error of 1 mm will decide whether Mr. Jelly will land steadily on his inhabitations or disappear in the vast universe……

Game Features:

- Use your finger to elongate Mr. Jelly, and anticipate and control the ejecting direction and strength
- Thrilling game experience
- Lovely character and his funny way of movement
- Unique music effect in every status
- Earn enough red "Love Beans" for life bonus
- Challenge other players to beat your best score